Words of GR8TNESS is an extension of ChrisCSpeaks.com.   This blog is about leadership, mostly student leadership but the principles can be applied universally.  Every time I speak at a college or conference, students always ask me do I have a twitter, instagram or blog.  Now instead of being lame and saying, “I’m working on it” I can say yep!!  I hope that the info on this blog helps and if you have any specific questions, let me know and I will do my best to address them ASAP.  Please feel free to use the information on my blog at your leisure, just make sure you give me my props, a link, a byline, something!!!

This is my way to give some insight on topics that are not explicitly covered in my talks and a way to provide a resource for students and organizations.  The content is focused on developing leaders through passion, purpose, and practicality. Our motto is “Passion is the Difference between Success and Greatness”.

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About Chris

Chris is a speaker, author, and consultant with a message that is inspiring students across the country.  His unique blend of humor, knowledge, and energy provide high impact moments with results that last long after the presentation.  As a former student leader and current college speaker, Chris gets it!  As a hip hop head, foodie, and blogger, Chris’ take on student leadership is one of the most interesting in the country.  His passion for encouraging, empowering, and educating young people forces him to stay on his grind and develop practical, relevant, results-oriented programs.

Chris has delivered talks to all types of crowds, including  two of the largest High School districts in the country, national conferences, fortune 500 companies, and colleges and universities of every shape, size, and hue.  He doesn’t always give speeches but when he does they’re your favorite speeches favorite speech!