In the next few weeks I will be posting some information that will help prepare you for the upcoming election season. I think its vital that student leaders practice being informed voters. It sets a standard in how you operate as a leader and a citizen.

The Writerz Block

Every four years our country elects a president.  It is always a contentious time that can certainly strain the psyche of the nation.  Election years can be both confusing and polarizing, with people galvanizing around a particular issue, cause or candidate.  The past two elections have been particularly interesting due to the participation of one Barack Obama (current POTUS for all of you out there that still think its dream).  The presence of a viable minority candidate took the nation by surprise and provided an interesting context of the American political and social system.  Back in ’08, I deleted quite a few FB friends for some racially insensitive post about then Sen. Obama.  Since then, I have had to delete quite a few more as I refuse to interact, on a social network or otherwise, with people that try to hide bigotry behind a thin veil of political criticism.  I…

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