You Scream , I Scream, We all Cry for Ice Cream

After speaking at a conference at the University of Missouri, we were talking to a young lady about the workshop. Somehow we got on the topic of what role she played in her organization and her aspirations for the next year. As the young lady began telling us how she didn’t want to hold an office, chair an event, or be at any events that weren’t mandatory, it didn’t take long to figure out she was in the organization because the members got a free trip to this national conference. After clowning her motives for joining, I asked her a simple question, “What is your favorite ice cream?” The girl acted as if I asked did she want a million dollars! She hurriedly squealed out “COOKIES & CREAM!” And not just and cookies and cream either, it had to be the kind made in a small town right outside of Houston. Without any further prodding this now extremely excited young lady began to passionately describe not only the taste of the ice cream but how good she felt while eating it! After her 5 minute keynote, I asked her another simple question, “What’s your favorite thing about your organization?” And as quickly as Thor lent her his hammer, he took it away and her thunder along with it. Under an embarrassed smirk she answered, “I don’t know!?” Immediately, I asked “What’s your favorite thing about yourself?” As she stood there biting her lip and staring at the floor, she lifted her head and formed her mouth to answer. When nothing came out tears began to flow from her eyes. It’s amazing how much we know about the nuances of life compared to how much we know about ourselves.

When we take the time to understand ourselves, we don’t always discover our purpose, but we do discover our passions. We find out what and why we are motivated and with that knowledge we can better set our expectations of ourselves and how/why we interact with others.

Think about how much more you will accomplish when you take the time to find out where your passions lie. Because you understand how you are motivated you will take on roles that cater to your strengths, tackle your areas of improvement, and eliminate time-stealing tasks, roles, and people from your life.

Stop imaging the Greatness that can ensue from unleashing your passion and Start Living in it!!

Passion Distinguishes the difference between Greatness & Success. Where do your Passions Lie?


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