Quickie #3 – Leadership 101

Take a few seconds and be INSPIRED!! Periodically, I will post a few quickies; theme inspired rants and raves designed to get you to the next level, wherever that is. Feel free to take these quickies and run with it. In the words of Houston based radio station 97.9 The Boxx, “it’s never a bad time for a quickie”

Be a servant #leadership101

Be a visionary #leadership101

Lisssteeen (fat joe voice) #leadership101

Don’t let your mouth write a check your actions can’t cash #leadership101

Title shouldn’t come with entitlement #leadership101

 Do what you say you will do #leadership101

 Follow up & follow through #leadership101

 Have a sense of humor and thick skin #leadership101

 Write it down, pass it on #leadership101

 Your performance is a product of your process #leadership101

 The greater your network, the greater your net worth!! #leadership101

 You build a legacy through relationships not programs #leadership101

 Failure sucks! Quitting is not an option! #leadership101

 It’s ok to accept a position you’re not 100% ready for, it gives you room to grow #leadership101

 STUDENT-Leader: please remember you’re a student first #leadership101

 Carry your team in the clutch, they are counting on you #leadership101

 Delegate or alienate you chose #leadership101

 G.R.O.W. you deserve it! #leadership101


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