Quickies #2 – Greek Wisdom

Take a few seconds and be INSPIRED!! Periodically, I will post a few quickies; theme inspired rants and raves designed to get you to the next level, wherever that is. Feel free to take these quickies and run with it. In the words of Houston based radio station 97.9 The Boxx, “it’s never a bad time for a quickie”

This week’s theme: #greekwisdom

All frat ain’t friends and friends ain’t frat! #greekwisdom

There is a biiiig difference between pledging and rushing #greekwisdom

Don’t let your letters define you #greekwisdom

Stop living on your history and add to it #greekwisdom

Pledging should be a growth process not getting “jumped in” #greekwisdom

Stepping SHOULD take up less than 30% of your chapter’s time #greekwisdom

A H.S. Step team doesn’t prepare you for a fraternity/sorority #greekwisdom

Don’t chose one org b/c another one turned you down! EVERYONE WILL KNOW #greekwisdom

Sororities/Fraternities are service orgs not gangs! #aintnothugsincollege #greekwisdom

It is NOT ok to wear parry everyday all day! #neo’s #greekwisdom

Don’t drop!! Start what you finished! #greekwisdom

If you want the frat more than it wants you… Check your motives! #greekwisdom

If you weren’t cool before the letters, you won’t be cool after them! #greekwisdom

Beware of letter boppers they ain’t nothin but trouble #greekwisdom

What does it profit a man run the yard and run his gpa in the ground? #greekwisdom

GRADUATE! #greekwisdom

Community service doesn’t = collecting can goods at your foam party! #greekwisdom

Tolerate the old heads when they talk about how “different” things were when they were on the yard #greekwisdom

Every chapter has one person that always leans on the shield, ALWAYS!! #brokebruhs #greekwisdom

If everyone, even the bouncers, cops, radio dj’s, & janitors don’t know your social chair they ain’t @txsteve81 or @dontcalltyrone

If the only stories you got about the frat involve pledging, #gothataway #greekwisdom

What #greekwisdom do you have to share?


2 responses to “Quickies #2 – Greek Wisdom

  1. “Stop living on your history and add to it #greekwisdom”

    I was just listening to my dad (who’s a Kappa) talk about this to young guys at my church group who are incoming freshman. I didn’t go the Greek route, not my thing. But I have respect for members who are able to talk about what their chapter has done in the last 5 years vs. what happened when they weren’t even a tail on a sperm cell

    • I respect cats that know their history too. I charge dudes up before I grip them. I hope that brothers continue to make history and create movements instead of simply reliving them.

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