Quickie #1 – Almost Doesn’t Count

Take a few seconds and be INSPIRED!! Periodically, I will post a few quickies; theme inspired rants and raves designed to get you to the next level. Feel free to take these quickies and run with it. In the words of Houston based radio station 97.9 The Boxx, “it’s never a bad time for a quickie”

This week’s theme: #almostdoesntcount

After getting my teeth knocked out, I ALMOST continued the cycle of violence plaguing Chicago. But then I wouldn’t have lived to start GMTA. #almostdoesntcount

I almost bet on the lakers but then Dallas hit em with that dougie #almostdoesntcount

When my H.S. counselor told me I wasn’t “college material” I ALMOST believed her. If I had, I wouldn’t have been a LEADER on my COLLEGE CAMPUS #almostdoesntcount

After a 1.5 semester, I ALMOST dropped out of college. But then I would not have two Degrees! #almostdoesntcount

I almost asked for her phone number but then the club lights came on #almostdoesntcount

After my dad was M.I.A., I ALMOST didn’t want a family. Now I love the mess out of my 3 kids, and being a dad is one the world’s greatest joys. #almostdoesntcount

I almost skipped class to head down to Texas Relays early but I remembered how hard my parents worked to get me here #almostdoesntcount

In college I ALMOST let “running the yard” ruin friendships. I got my mind right and have three friends for life! #almostdoesntcount

what are your #almostdoesntcount moments? We all have them, they are pivotal turning points in our lives. They may be social, academic, or spiritual, but they are there, and how we handle those #almostdoesntcount moments are the difference between success and greatness. All humor in this post was sponsored by Steven Matthews (http://www.youtube.com/user/txsteve81 & @txsteve81 on twitter).

Until our next quickie, keep pressing #almostdoesntcount!


2 responses to “Quickie #1 – Almost Doesn’t Count

    • Brownlee, I can only imagine the random thoughts you got rattling around up there. I’m trying to use the quickies to start a TT so please run with it. I will have one theme for the week for the next three weeks.

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