“Sit yo $5 @$$ down before I make change!!”

Niño Brown is one the coldest portrayals of a drug kingpin since Tony Montana. Niño was cold blooded, callous, calculating, and when push came to shove he was willing to kill his own brother to make a point about his strength!! Just like his predecessor Tony Montana is oft quoted, Niño had a few lines that personified his “gangsta”! When one of his constituents voiced discontent he belted, “Sit yo $5 @$$ down before I make change!”

I think a certain governor from a certain Lone Star state is a graduate of The Niño Brown School of Management. With cuts to the education budget claiming nearly 700 teachers in Katy ISD, hundreds of students in Katy ISD (largely at Cinco Ranch and Morton Ranch HS) led a peaceful but powerful protest. THEY WALKED OUT OF CLASS!! These students recognized the personal grief looming for the teachers that just lost their jobs. Like the husband and wife that BOTH lost their jobs with a 3yr old child to care for. They recognized the method of selecting which teachers should be let go was flawed. As one student noted there were some good teachers cut while some mediocre ones were safe in the building. And they recognized 300 empty seats in one of the largest school districts in texas are louder than letters to congress.

Shouldn’t we be proud of these students for making a statement about their discontent with the deeds of elected officials?

Well if you answered yes, you obviously did not graduate from The Niño Brown School of Management. Because when asked the message he would send to the protesting students, Gov. Perry basically said sit yo $5 @$$ down before I make change! No that is not is not his real quote, but that’s what it felt like. Instead of addressing the issue he told the kids to go back to class and protest on their own time. Riiighttt.

What these kids did and are planning to do is courageous, extraordinary, and a powerful indication of the general sentiments of the public toward the budget cuts in education. I encourage all students, parents, and educative to develop and implement strategies that voice their opinions on issues that effect them and their community. If that means staging walk outs or sit ins, letter writing campaigns, or whatever other creative measures are available. Just keep it positive, stay focused on the issues, and be safe.

This also shows that the 60’s might be on their way back, but that’s another blog.


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