Access Denied

I remember my first day on the job after a promotion.  I was taking over for a very talented person and the expectations were really high!! I was more than qualified but I could not do the basic functions of my job!! Tried to get in the building..ACCESS DENIED!  tried to log in to the system…ACCESS DENIED! Everywhere I turned ACCESS was DENIED!! Even though I had all the ability in the world, I still couldn’t do my job because ACCESS or in my case lack of ACCESS. 

We have all been in this same type of situation at one time or another.  We want to sign up for classes but because our computer is tripping or registration is alphabetical and your last name starts with W…ACCESS DENIED.  You see a cutie at the party and right when you get the courage to go speak, their significant other brings them a drink… ACCESS DENIED.  And we all know how frustrating it is to THINK you have all the pieces needed to assemble something only to find out you need the only type of screwdriver you don’t have…ACCESS DENIED!!

Access is critical to our success and the success of those that follow in our footsteps.  Access is the key to unlocking our potential greatness.  So how do we get ACCESS and what do we need ACCESS to? (Remember this is assuming that you are ready and able to lead if not find out how to G.R.O.W. into your leadership role)

You get ACCESS by being CONNECTED
Just like our most powerful technologies need a connectioned to electricity, leaders need a connection to 3 things:

  1. Their Passion. Connecting with your passion gives you access to what should be your most powerful motivation…WILL POWER.  When you are connected with you passion, you are connected with you will power, the driving force behind why we do what we do.  The internal resolve to get things done is a valuable leadership tool.
  2. Their Organizations.  You are only as powerful as your organization allows you to be..PERIOD!! If you are the president but no one respects your authority, your title is useless.  This is why it is essential to CONNECT TO YOUR ORGANIZATION.  When you are connected with your group, everyone that grasps the vision feels empowered and being empowered fuels the vision.
  3. Their Higher Power.  You must be Connected to a Higher Power.  Understanding that there is a greater being than yourself, than humanity, is essential to remaining humble and focused on the big picture.  Connecting with a higher power reminds us that our causes SHOULD BE INTERCONNECTED and ultimately our actions are interconnected, like it or not.

Chris Collins, CIO


2 responses to “Access Denied

  1. I agree that connections are critical, but I find it most challenging to establish, manage, and sustain the key/critical connections for success and leadership. What advice do you have?

    • I don’t think there is ONE way to maintain connections. I would suggest being honest with people. When you connect with someone that you feel can be a viable assest, let them know and tell them that you will be checking up on them periodically to stay connected and then actually do the leg work and check in with them. Whether it be checking in with a recruiter, old boss, former professor, or old associate, be intentional with your actions. Establishing the connections is a matter of effective networking. Most people understand that it is difficult to acheive the level of success you want without having a strong network. Once again, being honest and open about your intentions and desires and follow up with the leg work. hope that helps and THANKS FOR LEAVING A COMMENT!!

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