Whether you are richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, in the penthouse or the projects, running the yard or getting run off of it, we all want to GROW!  We all want bigger and better.  Whether you are working your way back from financial ruin like Dave Ramsey (google him, he story is amazing), relequinshing your wealth to help save the world like Bill Gates & Warren Buffet, or a leader trying to capitilize on a great event or bounce back from a poor year, seeking GROWTH is always the key to doing bigger and better.  However, regardless of where we stand on the totem pole, growth is difficult.  The strategy to grow is the same for those enjoying the view from the top or facing insurmountable odds from the bottom.

Growth usually requires the right set of conditions at the right time, with the proper stimulus.  The stimulus is really the key.  I was trying to grow some plants in my garden (actually I was having them planted, but I digress) and I could not figure out why they would not grow.  My neighbor on the other hand had a yard that looked like it belonged in Bush Gardens.  When I asked him his secret, he told me it was Miraclgro.  He mixed it in with his soil to provide the stimulus needed to sustain the growth of his plants.  As leaders, we need to find this same stimulus to start and sustain our personal and organizational growth.  Here is a formula for your own personal MiracleG.R.O.W.

     We have all heard of SMART goals, but sometimes its okay to reach for the stars.  Set a goal of growing by 500 ACTIVE members or compiling the most community service hours on the campus with the 10 members you currently have.  NO MATTER HOW GRAND, SET GOALS, without them you will never now how close you are to your destination.

     After you set your goals, align them with reality.  If you want 500 new and ACTIVE members, set a date and a training concept that allows your group the room and functionality of handling that many members.  You want to have the most community service hours on campus (even though you only have 10 members/4.6 that show up to service events), figure out what your campus counts for community service hours and figure out how your group can maximize the parameters of the system.  SET YOUR GOALS IN A REALITY NOT A VACCUM. 

     Keep your options open.  It is perfectly fine, and incredibly intelligent, to adjust your plan/focus to maximize your current conditions.  Also, educate yourself on the options that are available to you; are there any partnerships or special assistance offered by your school or job that can help reach your goals? ALWAYS have an option.

     This is the most essential part of the GROW strategy.  You can set all the goals in the world and have all of your options open and primed, but if you never START the process, it doesn’t matter.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to inspire and ignite the WILL of your organization.  It is your WILL that provides the catalyst to achieve your aggressive goals. Your WILL can reshape your reality and create options that you never expected.  Your WILL can motivate you to conquer your failures and drive your successes.  Your WILL will when your dreams can’t!  Your WILL puts the Miracle in your G.R.O.W.!!!!


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